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My god, so they are killers…

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If Supreme Clientele is the Illmatic of the ’00s (and I have no problem with that comparison), this record is its “N.Y. State of Mind.” It’s a strong contender for hardest beat of whole record (note: hardest, not necessarily best), and Ghost drops two splintering, rambling verses with a rapped hook in the middle as a breather. Of course, every beat on Supreme Clientele is a banger, and Ghost rips them all, but this one particularly reminds me of the way Nas destroyed the first real song on his debut.

(The drums, it should be noted, are taken from “Synthetic Substitution,” one of the most-sampled breaks of all time, by the great Melvin Bliss, who passed away today. R.I.P.)

Like Clay Purdom put it in Cokemachineglow’s decade wrap up, “Supreme Clientele is the sound of a man animated fully by this lightning—composed of it, his voice trebly with electricity, explaining the contours of each electric flash in the language that works for him, the stories that work for him.” Nowhere is that electricity more evident than on this record.

“We lay low glitter wax full bangles/
Priceless rolls, lay around the God get tangled”

Supreme Clientele was a genre-refining triumph, its vaguely Joyceian free-associative poesy predating the postmodernism commercialized by Cam’ron and Lil’ Wayne by half a decade. I’m just trying to string together words as beautifully dense and joyful as Ghost’s pen. So what’s in a name?

Written by sean

July 27, 2010 at 2:11 pm

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